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Do you find yourself frequently thinking or say "I know that"?  If you do, you may want to pause and ask yourself... Is that really true? 
It's been said that the three most dangerous words a business owner can say are "I know that".  Because when we think or say those three small, but powerful words our mind shuts down immediately and closes off from any further creative exploration. 
It's easy to slip into the mindset of "I know that". Even though yes, we may have read or heard something but if we're not really "doing it" then I suggest we don't really "know it". Or as T. Harv Eker states: "You don't know it, until you live it".
So instead of coming from a 'know that' perspective, work at developing a "learner's mind". 
What is a "Learner Mind"?  

 1.  someone who is open to explore new ideas and methods 
 2.  someone who is interested in hearing what other people think and know 
 3.  someone who is always learning 
How do we develop a Learner's Mind?
Stop thinking that you must have all the answers, all the time. Yes, this means that you'll need to be vulnerable - even with your clients and employees.  
At first, it can be uncomfortable or even scary to admit that you don't have all the answers, but when done, it allows a multitude of other opportunities, ideas and even people to arise. 
Stop believing that what you know, is all you need to know - even if you are brilliant.   No one has all the answers, and neither do you. There's always room to explore and consider other concepts, methodologies and ideas. 
Always be learning.  Be inquisitive. Seek out new and different approaches.  Read a lot, take courses, ask questions, look for a mentor or coach, interview others, form or join a mastermind group. 
So the next time you catch yourself saying "I know that" check to see if you're really doing that and then go learn something new!
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